The Paynter family started growing apples and stonefruit in 1862 out of Stoke, Nelson. In the early 1900’s the Paynters moved their growing business to the sunny Hawke's Bay. Five generations later, the Paynters are still growing apples and stonefruit on the family orchards in Havelock North, Hawke's Bay.

In the 1970’s, John Paynter, the fourth generation grower, wanted to differentiate his quality nectarines and peaches from other growers' fruit, and the Yummy brand was created. Yummy nectarines and peaches quickly became recognised as a quality product, and in those early years Yummy stonefruit was delivered to the markets daily by train during the summer months. During this time Yummy introduced individual fruit labels onto their stonefruit, and were one of the first growers in New Zealand to do so. These days the Yummy fruit label is sought after by primary school kids who collect these stickers for their schools. Schools then exchange the Yummy stickers for new sports equipment every year.

In 1994, the New Zealand Apple and Pear Board became deregulated, and the Yummy brand first appeared on our apples in 1995.

Today, our corporate office is run out of the old family homestead in Havelock North, Hawke's Bay. We have over 700 hectares of apple and stonefruit orchards, and a full-time staff of over 100, and up to 300 seasonal workers. We run our very own packhouse where we pack Yummy fruit every day, except Sundays, all year round. Our Yummy apples and stonefruit are delivered across the country daily on our dedicated temperature-controlled trucks. You may have driven past one…they look just like a Yummy apple box!

John Paynter, and his son Paul (a fifth generation Paynter) have dedicated their lives to growing and producing quality fruit for New Zealand. Both John and Paul travel the world searching for the very latest and exciting new varieties to grow here in New Zealand. Not only do we grow the classic apple varieties like Royal Gala and NZ Rose, but Yummy have introduced to the New Zealand market a number of great apples like the fizzy yellow Yummy Lemonade apple and the sweet eating Yummy Ambrosia apple (Ambrosia has the lowest fruit acidity of any apple!) In 2013 New Zealanders had their first experience of a very exciting new apple variety called ‘SweeTango’. As the name suggests SweeTango is a sweet apple with a light crisp flesh and has a great snappy crunch. SweeTango was developed by the University of Minnesota and is the most exciting apple variety we have ever grown. It is certain to become a Kiwi favourite!

Yummy has also revolutionised the nectarine category by introducing a new yellow category called ‘Hunny’ nectarines. These are super sweet and juicy, compared to the ‘Classic’ variety which have a more traditional tangy flavour.

Our Yummy partners in Central Otago are another family owned and operated business. Kevin Paulin and his family at Clyde Orchards grow a variety of stonefruit marketed under the Yummy brand. Clyde Orchards together with Yummy introduced New Zealand to another new and unique stonefruit category called ‘Flattos’. ‘Yummy Flattos’ are flat peaches and flat nectarines. They are a very fleshy fruit that have a unique small stone and are very sweet and juicy to eat.

With over 120 years of growing experience, we are passionate about delivering New Zealanders the best apple and stonefruit eating experience possible.