Hailstone Heroes

Look Funny…Still Yummy!

In Spring these little champs were hit by a hailstorm when they were just young buds. They made it through with a few spots as a reminder of that crazy day. 

We don’t like letting anything go to waste, and a few weather marks don’t make these apples any less Yummy. Besides, scars are cool!

These Hailstone Heroes are sweet, super crunchy and have a delicious tangy hit! We know you’ll love them as much as we do. 


Jan – May (maybe)

These are apples are early season and are available now!

Though they don’t normally wear spots, we think they will still be super popular with Yummy apple fans so they may not be around for long. 


Love Fruit, Hate Waste

Globally one-third of all food is wasted, with research showing in 2017 kiwis waste approximately 1.8 billion dollars worth of food each year. A contributing factor is produce not reaching the ‘cosmetic standards’ required by supermarkets, regardless of the flavour and goodness still being intact. We know these apples are still the same as they ever were on the inside, they’ve just got a few dings on the outside. 


This variety of apple have a bold, intense flavour that is sweet and tangy…and as an added bonus, they are SUPER crunchy!

We’ve bagged these babies!

 Available in a convenient and family-friendly 2kg bag, keep your eyes peeled for the purple bag instore now. It’s easy to ‘spot’ our Hailstone Heroes!


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