…Mmmbrosia!™  Sweet by nature!

A blush pinky red apple with a pale yellow background. Our very own John Paynter came across Ambrosia™ while travelling in Canada in the early 2000’s, and just had to grow his own! 


March – October

Because we’re such big fans, we’ve planted a LOT of Ambrosia™ trees in our orchards, making the season stretch out long enough for everyone to get their fix!

Apple Origin

In the 1990’s, a chance seedling appeared in an apple orchard in British Columbia, Canada. A few years later it bore its first fruit, now known as Ambrosia™: the food of the Gods! Now, Yummy have the rights to grow this increasingly popular variety right here in our Hawke’s Bay orchards.

Because the Ambrosia™ brand is Canadian, we use their existing branding and colours. That’s why the Ambrosia™ stickers and packaging look a bit different to our usual Yummy ones!


Ambrosia™’s sweetness doesn’t actually mean it has a higher sugar content, it’s low fruit acidity means we simply perceive it as sweeter. Lower fruit acidity also makes Ambrosia™ easier for our tummies to digest. Win!

“TM” denotes a trademark of MotherTree Fruits Inc. Used under license

Young Yummy Ambrosia™ trees, seen here with rows of white reflective mulch, which reflects sunlight to help “colour up” the underside of every apple!


Ambrosia Ambrosia

  A Yummy take on the indulgent Ambrosia dessert, this really is a food of the...

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