Our History

The Yummy story starts in Nelson, then crosses a strait, a century, and generations with unfaltering family values at its core to become the loved and trusted brand that we know today.


A legacy is planted

Our story starts in Stoke, Nelson where the Paynter family first start growing apples and stonefruit.


A move to the Bay

In the early 1900s, the Paynter family move to sunny Hawke’s Bay to continue their fruit growing operations. It’s here that the fifth generation of the Paynter family continue to grow apples and stonefruit today.


The start of something big

John Paynter, a fourth generation grower, plants his first tree in his family orchard, commencing a lifetime career of growing that would see him receive accolades and recognition for his innovation and contribution to the industry.


Yummy was born

John Paynter establishes the Yummy brand to differentiate his quality nectarines and peaches from other growers’ fruit, making him the first grower to individually label fruit in New Zealand.


Leading the way

Recognising his industry vision, John Paynter was elected as a Director of the New Zealand Apple and Pear Marketing Board, where he would serve a total of 19 years until 1997.


A name that sticks

With the deregulation of the New Zealand apple and pear market, the Yummy brand stickers could now also appear on our apples, making Yummy apples a household name.


Innovation in the orchard

In the mid-1990s a revolution occurred in apple growing. We introduce a new Integrated Fruit Production (IFP) system to our orchards, offering a safer way to keep orchards pest- and predator-free and signalling our commitment to eco-friendly practices.


Fruit for our future stars

The ‘School Sticker Promotion’ launched in 1998. Since then, Kiwi school kids have been collecting Yummy stickers and bags, earning them free sports gear for their school each year.


Top honours for John Paynter

Yummy founder, John Paynter, becomes the first grower in New Zealand to receive the Pipfuit New Zealand Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Pipfruit Industry at the Horticultural Conference and Awards held in Nelson, right back where it all began.


Forever a family favourite

We’ve been working with Foodstuffs for over twenty-five years. With our apples and stonefruit available at Pak’n Save, New World and 4 Square supermarkets, your fruit bowl is sure to be full of Yummy fruit!


Looking to the future

We’ve remained true to long-standing family values, eco-friendly production practices and exciting innovations and we know that the Yummy story will continue for generations to come!