Life Cycle of a Yummy Apple

It’s all the little things we do that make our apples just a bit more Yummy


Young apple trees are carefully planted by hand, and nurtured in our very own Yummy Nursery orchards for the first 12-18 months of their life.


The young apple trees are planted out into our bigger orchards nearby where they are looked after by our own Yummy orchard team. They ensure the trees have enough food, water and sunlight and are protected from pests and harsh winter frosts. Once in the orchard, apple trees take 3 years to produce enough apples to sell to our customers.


From mid-January to May, Yummy apples are delicately hand-picked. Our Orchard Team ensure each apple is picked at exactly the right time – sometimes, this means waiting several days between picking apples from the same tree!


Freshly picked Yummy apples arrive at our own packhouse (next door to the old Paynter family homestead, which is now our corporate office!), and kept in our huge coolstores, before being quality checked and finally packed into Yummy boxes. We use a combination of cold air, Controlled Atmosphere and SmartFresh storage techniques to ensure our apples are crunchy all year long!


Our refrigerated Yummy trucks then deliver our apples all around NZ… Look out for them on the road!

In Store

You can find Yummy apples at your local New World, Pak’n Save or Four Square supermarket, or fruit retailer – just look for the colourful Yummy stickers and bags!