DCA – The latest in apple storage

What exactly is DCA? It is the very latest technology in fruit storage and Yummy, being at the forefront of innovation, is always looking for the most effective way to keep our fruit fresh, delicious and crisp!

DCA stands for Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere. Apples are monitored for their bio-response to the atmosphere when in storage. Being able to monitor an apples respiration rate means that we are able to personalise the oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen levels to suit the fruit and adjust as needed throughout the storage period, therefore delaying the ripening process.
Oxygen can be reduced in the storage room to the absolute minimum level as it relates to a specific variety. Reducing oxygen slows the respiration rate, if an apple responds negatively to the reduced oxygen, levels can be lifted immediately to maintain the fruit quality. As a result, we are able to keep apples at the optimum quality, ensuring that the eating experience when biting into a Yummy apple, is always…Yummy!
So to say our apples are well-taken care of after they have been picked is an understatement.