The Flatto™ Family


Yes, that’s right, a FLAT peach!

Our friends at Clyde Orchards in Central Otago, New Zealand, grow a unique variety of peach (and now nectarine) for us, called the Flatto™.

Brothers Kevin & Musso Paulin of Clyde Orchards came across this distinctive variety while travelling in France several years ago, and thought it would be interesting to exclusively grow and market it back home in New Zealand.

Flattos™ have very little peach fuzz and a small stone, making them super easy to eat. They’re also ideally shaped for the lunchbox!

All Flatto™ packaging (cardboard and plastic) is recyclable.

Find out more about Flattos™ on Clyde Orchard’s website.


We now have three members of the Flatto™ family:

Flatto™ White peach

Deliciously sweet and juicy. Eat firm like an apple, or ripe like a juicy peach!

In season from early February.

Flatto™ Gold peach

A delicious new peach added to the Flatto™ range. Yellow flesh, sweet eating peach with very low fruit acidity and a melon-like flavour. 

In season from mid February.


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