Officially our LOUDEST apple!

SweeTango earned the Guinness World Record for the loudest crunch of an apple in 2016! Check it out below. SweeTango apples have HUGE angular cells, which explode when you bite them, creating a CRUNCH like no other!

We are the exclusive growers of SweeTango in New Zealand, and you’ll find them in all NZ supermarkets, and leading fruit retailers (when in season).


January – May

A relatively short season, SweeTango™ is one of the first apples to hit the market at the start of the new season. The good news is we’ve just planted a whole lot more SweeTango™ trees, so each year we’ll have more & more apples! Stay tuned!


Apple Origin

John & Paul Paynter stumbled across SweeTango™ while travelling in The States, back in 2004. They knew right away it’d be a hit back home, so decided to “put the family silver on the line” (as Paul likes to say), and bring this variety back to NZ to grow in their own Yummy orchards. Ten years later, we finally had our first commercial crop, and today, we have over 150,000 SweeTango™ trees in the ground! It’s been a long road and a huge investment, but…it’s worth it!

SweeTango™ is a natural cross between the Honeycrisp & Zestar apple varieties, hugely popular apples in the USA.


SweeTango™ apples have a rich, intense flavour that’s both sweet and tangy (funny that)!

Yummy SweeTango™: Record Setting Apples!

The hottest apples in the world right now! SweeTango™ apples, grown by The Yummy Fruit Co. in New Zealand, set a Guinness World Records title, for the Loudest apple crunch in February 2016! These amazing apples have cells twice the size of other apples, giving them an insane CRUNCH! Oh and they taste pretty good too….


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