A little cheat treat for the kids. During lock-down we sampled LOADS of apple themed recipes. Learning to make-do with what we had in our fridge already….and we always…ALWAYS, have Yummy apples. 

These were lots of fun to decorate (and eat)! A healthier donut option (depending on the toppings of course) and a great way to use up some bits and bobs in the fruit bowl and kitchen cabinets. We used Ambrosia apples because they are deliciously sweet and super crunchy so they make the perfect ‘donut’. Some topping ideas; cream cheese, peanut butter, nutella, greek yoghurt, sprinkles, cacao nibs, raspberries, blueberries, raisins, sliced almonds, freeze dried fruit……the limits with these really just comes down to imagination.

Have fun!