Sweet & Juicy

The only white flesh variety of our three nectarine types, Yummy Pearls are a hit for those with a sweet tooth – super sweet and juicy!

From the outside, Pearls look deceivingly similar to their yellow-fleshed cousins, Classic and Hunny. But oh how different they taste!

Bright red skin, with a hint of white background, if you look for the green Yummy Pearl sticker, you’ll never go wrong!





From mid December

Yummy Pearl season runs approximately to the middle of February.

Miles, one of our orchard managers, reckons this pick of Yummy Pearls might just make the cut! What do you think?




Yoga-rine Smoothie

You can use either white (Pearl) or yellow (Classic or Hunny) flesh nectarines, or even...

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Where to buy

Look for the green Yummy Pearl nectarine sticker or punnet at your local

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