No, you’re not seeing things…they’re meant to be flat!

We’ve grown Flatto™ peaches for several years now, but still people are bamboozled by their odd “squashed” appearance!

Completely au naturel (no genetic modification here!), our uniquely shaped Flatto™ peaches were discovered by our South Island growers, the Paulin family of Clyde Orchards, while travelling in France a few years ago. They decided they’d be a hit back home, so now have the exclusive rights to grow and market Flattos™ here in NZ.

We now grow a range of Flatto™ varieties: Flatto™ white peaches, Flatto™ gold peaches and the newest member…the delicious Flatto™ nectarine!

Flattos™ have very little peach fuzz and a small stone, making them super easy to eat. Just hold them in the centre and chomp around the stone! They’re also ideally shaped for the lunchbox!

All of the Flatto™ packaging (cardboard and soft plastic) is recyclable, and we also supply larger sized Flattos™ loose.

Give one a try today – they won’t be around for long!

Read more about our Flatto™ range here.