It is a very pretty time of year, around early Spring, when Yummy HQ is in preparation mode for stone fruit season and the orchards in and around Hawkes Bay are in bloom.

A few new Yummy team members spent a day with Paul Paynter at Yummy HQ, where they were able to listen as he shared his years of experience and knowledge of the industry (and soak up some of that awesome Spring sun). There really is nothing this man can’t tell you about growing apples and stone fruit. 

Our Head Office was formerly the Paynter family home and sits in all its glory right alongside the Yummy packhouse. At this time of year you will only see apple packing in full swing but all that changes in a few months time when stone fruit is ready to go. 

They took a trip up Te Mata peak to the lookout where there are 360 degree views of the region, including a good number of Yummy orchards!  

The day finished with a tour of a few Plum, Nectarine and Peach orchards. A great time to see the trees in full bloom before the flowers drop away and the fruit growing begins. Then a quick visit to see some of our Ambrosia trees. Exciting times ahead as the orchards are carefully tended to ahead of the busy season.