The new apple season has kicked off again and for those in the know, Yummy gets going with a BANG…or better yet, make that a CRUNCH!!!!. We start the apple season with SweeTango!

SweeTangoapples are super juicy and incredibly crunchy. Record setting crunchy in fact! Our team need to be extra careful when picking SweeTango. The large cell size (double that of any other apple) gives them that obnoxiously loud crunch, but the delicate skin in the picking and packing process needs to be treated very gently. Our team know the very best methods for ensuring these apples make it to store in perfect condition.

Yummy are the exclusive growers of SweeTango  apples in New Zealand, so you’ll find them in all supermarkets around the country!

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Pieter from Italy enjoying a gorgeous Hawkes Bay day picking SweeTango