New Zealand reached Level 1! The sentence meant nothing to us only a few short months back, but it carries a lot of meaning now….and is cause for celebration. Some are planning delayed birthdays or events missed due to lockdown. If you are planning any kind of home based soirée, please do yourself a favour and give this a try. And make 2, trust us. Sauté some Piqa Boo pears in butter, lemon juice (to stop them browning) and a little sugar and pile on top of a Brie or Camembert wheel that has been baked in the oven for about 10 mins. Empty the corner of your pantry where the random raisins/seeds/nuts can be found and pile on top of the slightly melted cheese. Serve with a loaf or stick of crusty bread. Yummy, really really yummy!! Piqa Boo pears are such a pop of flavour here and they are mighty pretty too! Use them any way you can, they won’t be around for long!!