4 ingredient Jam? Do you have 10 mins spare? Well here you go….

This treat is pretty low on the guilt scale and no need for that jam “setting sugar”. Chia jam is not new but many are realising just how much HEALTHIER a homemade jam can be. You can be confident of every ingredient and also know that there is some excellent nutrition to be found in the chia seeds and the absence of processed sugar.

Finely dice a Yummy apple, we used a Royal Gala for this recipe, add 200g of your favourite frozen fruit, any will do. We used blueberries because the flavour is so complimentary, but also that colour is GORGEOUS! Simmer fruit in a pot with a good tablespoon of maple syrup and quarter of a cup of water for about 10 mins. Then just before pouring into your sterilised jar, add two tablespoons of chia seeds. It will thicken almost immediately! This will keep for about a week in the fridge…it won’t last that long though, its a goodie!