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School sticker promotion

Collect Yummy stickers for your school's share of $200,000 free sports gear

It’s easy to play! Just purchase Yummy apples from your local New World, PAK’nSAVE or Four Square supermarket, collect the individual Yummy apple stickers and cut-out labels on Yummy apple bags or punnet barcodes. Then take them along to your participating school for your school’s share of $200,000 sports gear!

This promotion runs every year and is open to North Island (NZ) primary schools.


You can start collecting Yummy stickers any time of the year!

News & Recipes

Stewed Apple & Yoghurt Pots

27 Jul 2023

Nothing says cozy winter days and nights like stewed apples. They sound like serious work,...

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2022’s Top 20 “Yummy Schools”

24 Jul 2023

Last year’s Yummy stickers have all been counted. Here's the Top 20....did your school make...

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Crêpe de pommes

31 Aug 2020

Do you have a favourite pancake recipe? Most families have a tried & trusted recipe, maybe...

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4 Jun 2020

GALA-Granola....It’s pack-n-go food. The weather might be turning but in those sunny moments...

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Ambrosia Apple Donuts

4 Jun 2020

A little cheat treat for the kids. During lock-down we sampled LOADS of apple themed recipes....

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Apple & Blueberry Chia Jam

31 Aug 2020

4 ingredient Jam? Do you have 10 mins spare? Well here you go.... This treat is pretty low on...

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Apple Focaccia!

31 May 2021

Focaccia might be the easiest bread to make. It requires very little kneading, only an hour to...

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Winter Apple & Berry Crumble

2 Jun 2021

You can't beat a good old classic apple crumble - the perfect winter treat! Try with Yummy...

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Piqa Boo on a platter!

10 Jun 2020

New Zealand reached Level 1! The sentence meant nothing to us only a few short months back,...

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Have you tried one yet?

3 Jun 2020

They have been a part of the Yummy family for just a short time but Piqa® Boo are a firm...

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SweeTango™ are back and as LOUD as ever!

4 Feb 2020

The new apple season has kicked off again and for those in the know, Yummy gets going with a...

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A Day at Yummy HQ

30 Sep 2019

It is a very pretty time of year, around early Spring, when Yummy HQ is in preparation mode...

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Horticultural Field Days

1 Jul 2019

  We had a great couple of days at the National Horticultural Field Days in Hawke's Bay last...

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Time to prune

9 May 2019

Winter's almost here, but that doesn't mean we've stopped thinking about summerfruit! To...

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The wait is over – Ambrosia!

12 Mar 2019

New season Yummy Ambrosia™ apples are here! Sweet, juicy and with plenty of CRUNCH,...

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Apple & Chia Bircher Muesli

15 Mar 2019

Yummy NZ Rose apples add the perfect natural sweetness to this classic nutritious...

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