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HAILSTONE HEROES – The Harrowing True Story

Only truly worthy heroes deserve their own comic strip….and we think these little battlers have definitely proved themselves.

Here is the first edition of “Hailstone Heroes”. Follow along to find out more about their story!

We need orchard workers!

We have seasonal work available in our sunny Hawke’s Bay orchards from January to the end of May/June each year.

You must have a valid NZ work visa and IRD number.

Download our application form, and either bring it in to our Hawke’s Bay office (Mon-Fri, 2pm-3pm), or email us:

Please bring your passport (or birth certificate if NZ citizen) and NZ work visa details.

Our Hawke’s Bay office is located at 548 St Georges Road South, Hastings.

Phone: 06 8778127

School sticker promotion

Yummy school sticker promotion

Collect Yummy stickers for your school's share of $200,000 Free sports gear

It’s easy to play! Just purchase Yummy apples from your local New World, PAK’nSAVE or Four Square supermarket, collect the individual Yummy apple stickers and cut-out labels on Yummy apple bags. Then take them along to your participating school for your school’s share of $200,000 sports gear!

This promotion runs every year and is open to North Island (NZ) primary schools.


You can start collecting Yummy stickers any time of the year!


SweeTango™ are back and as LOUD as ever!

4 Feb 2020

The new apple season has kicked off again and for those in the know, Yummy gets going with a...

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2019’s Top 20 “Yummy Schools”

22 Jan 2020

Last year’s Yummy stickers have all been counted. Here's the Top 20....did you make the...

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13 Jan 2020

Here is the second edition of Hailstone Heroes. These little champs are not to be...

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9 Jan 2020

Only truly worthy heroes deserve their own comic strip….and we think these little battlers...

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The Stonefruit is rollin’ in.

16 Dec 2019

It's HERE! The wait for Summer Stonefruit is finally over. First up and available NOW are the...

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All Hail, the Hailstone Heroes!

16 Dec 2019

Behind every piece of Yummy fruit is a lot of effort.... and a little bit of luck, but only in...

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Spring is upon us!

3 Sep 2019

  Spring is HERE! Well it does slightly depend on which camp you are in....the September 1st...

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A Day at Yummy HQ

30 Sep 2019

It is a very pretty time of year, around early Spring, when Yummy HQ is in preparation mode...

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Horticultural Field Days

1 Jul 2019

  We had a great couple of days at the National Horticultural Field Days in Hawke's Bay last...

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Something new: Piqa Boo!

16 May 2019

Introducing the newest member of the Yummy family: Piqa® Boo pears! Piqa® Boo are a natural...

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Classic Apple & Berry Crumble

7 Apr 2019

You can't beat a good old classic apple crumble - the perfect winter treat! Try with Yummy...

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Time to prune

9 May 2019

Winter's almost here, but that doesn't mean we've stopped thinking about summerfruit! To...

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Cinnamon Baked Ballarat Apples

10 Aug 2018

The perfect end to a dinner with friends, just add a dollop of Greek yoghurt or vanilla...

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The wait is over – Ambrosia!

12 Mar 2019

New season Yummy Ambrosia™ apples are here! Sweet, juicy and with plenty of CRUNCH,...

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Apple & Chia Bircher Muesli

15 Mar 2019

Yummy NZ Rose apples add the perfect natural sweetness to this classic nutritious...

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The Loudest Crunch!

7 Feb 2019

With all the delicious Yummy stonefruit around, it's easy to forget that the new apple season is...

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